copied from my friend’s facebook. Thank u Dr Zaahirah for sharing this 🙂

I have been receiving some positive feedbacks from mothers and mothers-to-be.. I’m happy and flattered if my writings can inspire mothers out there to BF their babies.. for mothers who are unable to BF your babies, don’t worry.. it doesn’t make you less motherly if you don’t BF your babies ;p so jgn bersedih hati yer.. ade lg peluang utk relactate or BF your next child ;p
People have been asking me about storage bottles.. the type of storage bottles to store your milk depends on your BUDGET .. if you have large budget, you can buy good storage bottle which are BPA free,eg Philips Avent storage bottle or Medela storage bottle.. but they are very very expensive, especially if you’re planning to store milk in like 80 bottles.. as each bottle costs about rm20-30 , the total cost for storage bottle can be up to rm 1600- rm2400..
People with lower budget like me, I choose cheaper BPA free bottles hehe.. as for me, I still bought BPA free storage bottles, but the cheaper ones- bumble bee& moms little ones.. each storage bottle costs about rm3-5 / bottle..rajin2la check sale online, sbb kdg2 storage bottle ni jd sgt2 murah..some of my friends bought Safety plus storage bottle, the price is also reasonable.. I prefer to use storage bottle as I can use them many many times..
Apart from that, you can also buy small containers- reusable or disposable- which are within your budget.. there are so many stores online that have promotions and sell these products at a very reasonable price.. another option- guna bekas dadih.. you can get like 100 pieces for rm10 like that.. nak buang pun tak rasa membazir sangat sbb tak mahal ;p
Whatever type of storage bottle or c

ontainer that you choose, just make sure it’s clean and sterile.. jangan pulak letak susu dlm bekas belacan ke bekas kicap ke, sian kat baby hehehe…
1. deep freezer- can last up to 6 months- deep freezer ni yg mcm beli freezer specific(mcm kat kedai2 letak aiskrim tu)
2.freezer(bhgn atas peti sejuk) – 3 months
3) fridge( bhgn bwh peti sejuk- tp rak atas skali tau, bukan bwh skali kt tmpt sayur2 tuh)- 1 week
4) room temperature- 4-6 hours
5)please label your milk- with date and time and name( name ni kalau anak duduk nursery, kang tak psl2 tertukar susu dgn baby lain)
5) first to go in, first to go out – guna susu yg bertarikh paling lama dahulu
How to defrost the milk??
The easiest way is to bring down milk from freezer compartment to fridge 12-24 hours before you give your milk to your baby.. eg , contoh esok NK keje, mlm ni bawa turun siap2 susu dr freezer ke bhgn bwh fridge utk cairkan die.. so that ms baby nak minum, susu dh cair elok dh, just tinggal nak panaskan saja..another option is to put the frozen milk in warm water- but it will take forever to defrost huhu
Can I put my frozen milk into microwave oven to defrost it?
Can I put my frozen milk that has melted back into the freezer??
NO!!!once you bring it out (either to room temperature or to fridge-lower compartment) there is NO WAY that you can put it back in the freezer
Tips: few weeks before going back to work, please teach and inform the baby sitter/ carer and your family members regarding these rules.. my own experience, I have to explain it few times to my husband, mom , kak won and my siblings before they can fully understand how it works.. so please be patient:)


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