Are you having difficulties on how to position your baby while breastfeeding? I hope I could provide a little help on this post. I’m going to talk about the breastfeeding positions by showing you some of the breastfeeding position pictures, and also a video showing proper breastfeeding positions.
Getting comfortable
Making sure that you’re comfortable, relaxed and that baby is correctly attached can help to make breastfeeding easier and more enjoyable. Try to feed in a chair that offers good back support; use cushions or pillows to prop up your arms; and if necessary, rest your feet on a telephone book or footstool. It’s also good to experiment with the different feeding positions, shown below, until you find one that works for you and baby.
Breastfeeding position pictures:
  1. This is the classic ‘front hold’ or ‘cradle position’
    Sit in a chair with armrests or stack several pillows under your arms. Rest your feet on a footstool to take pressure off your lower back. Hold your baby on your lap so she’s lying on her side, with her face and tummy facing you. Tuck her arm under your arm and gently move her so she’s resting on your forearm. Your hand should support her back and bottom. Line her nose and mouth up with your nipple. Encourage your baby to latch on as described above.
  2. The ‘underarm position’ shown above is also known as the ‘footy hold’
    This position works well if you had a Cesarean section. Sit in bed (or a comfortable armchair) and wedge a pillow behind your back; place another on your lap. Position your baby next to you on the side you are nursing from, cupping the back of her neck in the same hand. Position her legs so they are tucked between your arm and your side, toward the back of the bed. Encourage her to latch on as described above.
  3. The ‘lying down’ position
    This is an ideal position for nursing in bed, either during night time feedings, or if you’ve had a cesarean or episiotomy and sitting up is uncomfortable. Place one or two pillows under your head. Place your baby on her side so she faces you, cradle her in your arm, and position her so her mouth is directly in front of your nipple. Pull baby in close to you and follow the latch-on technique described above.
Other positions
  1. The first picture above shows how to breastfeed twins. In the first few weeks, it may be easier to feed twins separately. However, once you’ve got the hang of it, you can try feeding them together using the ‘twin hold’.
  2. If you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious when breastfeeding in public, drape a light muslin wrap over / nursing cover your shoulder so it covers your breast and baby.
*** i wish i can fully breastfeed my baby…

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